Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Damn, Not Another One

Right after word that Kelly Freas died, is the news that Will Eisner has also died. Okay, he was old — 87 years — but that still doesn't make it fair. This is not how to start off the year, losing two of comic art's geniuses. Will Eisner even had an award named after him. For anyone not familiar with him or his work, Neil Gaiman wrote a very nice piece on his blog. Will Eisner's "The Spirit" is a classic comic book character and Eisner helped define the medium. It's rough when a generation of pioneers reaches the age when they start dying off and while there are plenty of younger people working in that field, it's not the same. Comics lost Gil Kane and Julius (Julie) Schwartz and Bob Haney not all that long ago and now, two more giants are gone. It just sucks.

Here are a couple of links that don't suck, found on J-Walk Blog:
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