Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Back With a Vengeance (Spoiler?)

And well worth the wait.

Alias was just super tonight, even though I figured out fairly early that the opening was a set-up. Syd's too smart to break radio silence. And the big secret her father was harboring wasn't all that surprising, but it all played out well, the ending was solid and should lead nicely into the rest of the season, and there was a nice coming-full-circle feel to things with the new APO outfit mirroring the SD6 rogue outfit from the start of the series. I am one happy TV viewer.

Meanwhile, my Hitmaps seems to have reset or something. I've lost part of my Australian readers and the one(s) in South America. Africa readers, though there weren't many, are also absent, as is the mid-East and part of Europe. It's been down on and off since the start of the year and I'm wondering if the thing resets every new year. Bummer.

I redid the headings on Shelly's Book Shelf and hope to tackle the headings in the sidebar here next. I'd like them to have the same lettering — Alfred Drake — as the new title header above. I think I'll be running out of things to do in PhotoShop soon and have been thinking of making backgrounds to stockpile or something.