Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Blog Explosion vs. Blog Clicker

I've been on Blog Clicker for about a week now, so I thought it was time for a comparison. I'm sure everyone reading here is excited by that thought. So, here goes.

BE: You click numbers at the top left of the screen to move to the next blog. Sometimes, they're hard to read.
BC: You click a picture to move to the next blog. They can appear anywhere, top or bottom, left or right. Sometimes, they're rightside up, other times sideways, even upside down. For me, they can be as hard to see and are often hard to find.

BE: You can earn mystery credits, amount known, when you type in the right code that appears in a box.
BC: You can earn bonus credits, amount unknown, by clicking on a little slot machine graphic.

BE: You start with nothing.
BC: You start with 25 credits.

BE: Nice interface, very professional looking, tho the pulsating graphic on the login screen drives me nuts.
BC: Nice, clean interface, not as easy to navigate.

BE now has the advantage of being more familiar to me.
BC isn't as comfortable for me to use and I hate having to look around for the icons to click.

BE: has a nice countdown clock.
BC: You have to wait for the icons to click to come up and there's no countdown to when they appear. You get just a "please wait" message.

BE: You can move on as soon as you get your mystery credits.
BC: You have to wait for the icons to click after collecting bonus credits.

BE has more features now than BC, but BC is working on adding stuff, it looks like.

BE has a lot more blogs than BC, but BC is newer and adding blogs quickly. There is still, however, a large overlap. Using both services means I sometimes see the same blog way too often which is annoying when it's not updated for a few days.

Conclusion: I think I'll be doing more surfing with BE than BC.