Wednesday, January 19, 2005

New Stuff

Green patterns are now up on Pattern Recognition.
I ranted a bit on Occasional Blog.

Good day at the comics shop: Outsiders #19 finally came out and was an emotionally satisfying ending to the 3-issue story arc. Got a bunch of other good ones, too: Wolverine, Birds of Prey, and Catwomen, plus a couple of others.

Did I mention I started a meme of sorts over on Shelly's Book Shelf?

Got the shoes Clarks ordered for me when the store didn't have my size. They were on sale and I have them in maroon and wanted the black pair because they're so comfy. That was on Monday and the guy said it would take 5 business days to arrive. They were shipped to me directly and the store paid shipping and they arrived today. Now that's good service.

Had today off because I'm working Saturday. I suspect no one was in today to fix my PC. Tomorrow could be another very long workday.

This is so cool: The Box Doodle Project. Found on Danny Gregory's Everyday Matters, which is a really nice blog that's almost a scrapbook online at times.