Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Dark Tuesday

All I did was go to lunch. My work PC was fine, well, as fine as it ever is. When I got back, the internet radio was still playing, but the PC was dead, dead, dead. When I tried to reboot it, it went into an endless rebooting loop. Damn thing's at least 5 years old, maybe 6. And everything I needed to do today required the computer. It's amazing how dependent we got on the f'in things in only a decade or so. Even our timesheets are electronic now. And the main techie for our district has another week of his vacation. I used someone else's PC to check email while he was at a meeting, but it sure was a long afternoon. I was even eager for my hour on the telephone reference desk so I could get my fingers on a keyboard. Now that's an addiction.

"House" seems to be over (I hope they bring it back next season), so I watched "Veronica Mars" for the first time. This was a show I'd wanted to watch from the start, but didn't for some reason that now escapes me, then "House" was on, and.... well, I liked it. She really is a "Nancy Drew" for the 21st century, more realistic, tough in a whole different way. I think I'll be watching it from now on, or at least, when it's not opposite something I like more. I can't tape it; I already have too many tapes to watch. And books and comics to read. And....

I think I need a couple of months off to catch up. Maybe a year.