Saturday, December 18, 2004

Tasty Miscellaney

Whenever people post the searches used to find their blogs, they're usually funny or otherwise entertaining. I tend to get boring searches. I am amazed that my book blog (and website) get the most searches for one book review in particular, for Guy Burt's Sophie. It's a wonderful book, but the interest in it over the other books I've read and reviewed caught me by surprise.

Among the recent searches that led folks here:

  • SHelly you idiot (on Google. I don't get this at all.)
  • Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven (Yahoo, pretty dead on)
    blogpet sidebar (Google)
  • shelly (MSN, I don't want to begin thinking about how many hits this came up with)
  • photoshop toast texture virgin mary (Google)
  • shelly name blinkie (MSN)

See what I mean? Except for the first, all are reasonable searches for this blog. How boring.

In chocolate news, Publishers Weekly had the following book listed for a February 2005 release:
Chocolate: A Bittersweet Saga of Dark and Light by Mort Rosenbaum, North Point, $24. They gave it a nice review, so it's now on my To Buy list.