Friday, December 17, 2004

A Blog By Any Other Name

If you're looking for a cool name for your new blog, look no further than this song and band name generator. It came up with the following permutations:
  • Creamy Eye
  • Edible Hamburger
  • Chocolate Stingray of the Panting Butter
  • Chocolate Victoria
  • Good Chocolate
  • Chocolate Tuna and the Northern Runt
  • Chocolate Club
  • Nose of the Chocolate Chest
  • Rubber Chocolate
  • Chocolate of the Snippy
  • Chocolate Lion
  • Chocolate Cucumber of the Lumpy Store
  • Goose of the Rain
  • Suitable Septic
  • Chocolate Victoria
  • Lumpy Chocolate
  • Chocolate of the Goat
  • Justin of the Chocolate
  • Chocolate Solid
  • Eternal Knee and the Chocolate
  • Olive Chocolate
  • Chocolate Solstice
  • Arguing Policeman
  • Chocolate Speedy
  • Chocolate Leopard
Found on J-Walk Blog.