Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Joy of Showering

Truly, I can not begin to express how wondrous showering is. Try going without for two days. I have oily hair. Fortunately, its short, but it still was starting to resemble a squirrel's nest. I was sponge bathing, but that can't begin to make me feel clean. But tonight, oh the joy, the thrill, the ecstacy of hot water pounding on my back. I'm clean. Clean. CLEAN. And it feels oh so good.

Other than that, I still ache a bit, but can move my arm in all directions again without going Ouch Ouch Ouch and there doesn't seem to be a bruise, which happened for the biopsies. Go figure.

Tomorrow morning is an eye doctor appointment. I have a cataract in each eye (not that I can tell) that need checking up on.

And I spent most of today and tonight working on my novel, so didn't have time to find cool links and quizzes to share. An update on the novel is over on Presto Speaks! And now, I'm going to bed.