Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Some Quizzes!

From witches who could change into cats with magic
spells, to tribes of anthropomorphic tigers
living in the jungles of Malaysia, to
bloodthirsty werecats of Japan who would prey
on humans for sustenance, tales of werecats
rival their more well-known werewolf cousins in

As a werecat, you are aggressive, fiercely
independant, short-tempered and prone to
violent outbursts. You can also be very kind
though, by protecting those you care for from
those who wish to do them harm. Those who
befriend you are very lucky (as long as they
stay on your good side!)

Who is your inner Shapeshifter?
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Found on Sweet Memes, which also had:

Cyber Chocolate Highway
Confusion Lane23
Tower of Commitment47
Bog of Eternal Marriage154
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?

From Go-Quiz.com

And the pysch major in me made me do this one:
Maslow Inventory Results
Physiological Needs (24%) you appear to have everything you need to survive physically.
Safety Needs (44%) you appear to have an adequately secure environment.
Love Needs (27%) you appear to be very content with the quality of your social connections.
Esteem Needs (64%) you appear to have a low level of skill competence.
Self-Actualization (26%) you appear to have a low level of individual development.
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And this is the feedback I submitted on the test and results:
As with any psych test, a person's view of self and a person's actual self don't
always line up. I tend to answer in mid-range, not the extremes, which probably
skew results. I have many skills, fairly high self esteem, and my
self-actualization is fine. I'm content with who and where I am emotionally, yet
the results don't bear that out. Can you tell I was a psych major? :)