Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Sore But Getting Better

Yeah, I'm sore. But the biopsy they did confirmed the thing they sucked out of my breast was a fibroid adenoma as advertised and the pain from yesterday and last night subsided to an ache and is actually almost gone now. The highlight of the day was a sponge bath, while taking care to not get any water near the "area." The "area" needs to stay dry for another 24 hours. I am so-o-o looking forward to a shower tomorrow night. I am especially looking forward to washing my hair since I never mastered washing it without dripping water all over my torso.

NCIS was really good tonight and House was, well, House. I love that show. It's rare that a new show grabs me this quickly, but House had me from the first five minutes of the first episode. Hugh Laurie, who plays Dr. House, is amazing. He makes rudeness so entertaining.

If I remember, I'll also post this on my photoblog, but 26 Things is doing another round for December. Okay, it's a "Christmas Hunt," but being Jewish, I'll be adapting it as much as possible. These photo scavenger hunts are a lot of fun and some of the words are a real challenge. I've been neglecting the photo memes a bit in the last couple of weeks, so this should be a good way to get going again.

Been working on my WIP, too. These last scenes just don't want to be drafted. I think a part of me isn't ready to see the process end. I took tomorrow off work, too, on sick time to give my aching boob another day and me a chance to really get clean, so I hope to get some more writing done. I need to clean the apartment, too, but I need to not do anything strenuous for another day or so, so that'll probably have to wait a few days.