Thursday, December 23, 2004

Bedtime Story

Well, I felt a bit better today and went to the gym. It was so good to get on the treadmill again after nearly 2 months and I'd gained only 2 pounds according to the scale there, so that was nice. It was a beautiful day, warmish in the 50s, and I took a nice walk after the gym and took pictures and picked up this week's comics.

Got my first comment in the Guest Book. Whoo hoo. I was worried I wouldn't get any. Yeah, I have an inferiority complex that way. So sue me. But it was nice. And I get a kick seeing where folks who stop by here, on purpose or while surfing, are from. I love the global aspect to the web and I love seeing my Hitmaps fill in. I need more South American visitors, that's for sure, and some more from Africa, too, and more from Asia, and... heh.

Work tomorrow, then a 3-day weekend. I have such wonderful plans. Laundry. Cleaning. Maybe some crafting. I really, really need to get my laundry done. Hubby does his stuff and the linens (we're big on division of labor here), I do my clothes and my supply of uh, undies is down to a week's worth. It's been almost as long since I did laundry as it's been since I was on the treadmill.

And now, time for bed. I hope to be more entertaining tomorrow.