Thursday, December 23, 2004

T'was the Day Before a Four-Day Weekend...

So they gave us tomorrow off — after much negotiations — and the library's closed Saturday, of course, and next week is a 28-hour week with a floating off day for New Year's which I have on Monday, giving me a sort of mini-vacation. I have such exciting plans: laundry, cleaning, defragging the PC, reading....

Mail received at the library today: from an educational institution, addressed to [name of library branch misspelled] Libray. (You really can't make this stuff up. I know I can't.)

Best thing about today is that it was warm. Otherwise, it was just a nasty, rainy day.

I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed "House" this week. That show has become a major addiction. It's so odd and Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House is just so ornery. Damn show is a breath of fresh air.

I heard the Supergirl comic is slated for the coming year. I am so looking forward to it. It had better not suck.

And while I love listening to most Christmas songs (but if I have to hear "Dominick the Donkey" one more time, I'm gonna barf), it seems that's all anyone's talking about, on blogs or elsewhere. "House" was the only new TV show this week that I watch and I'm getting bored. Should do something constructive with my time, but that's the easy way to entertainment, or rather, the hard way since it requires that I entertain myself rather than have folks (bloggers, TV writers) entertain me.

Can 2005 really be a week (more or less) away? I think I lost the last two months. If anyone finds them, please return them. I won't ask you embarrassing questions re: what you were doing with them