Thursday, November 25, 2004

Too Tired to Think

But not quite ready to go to bed. So I decided to check my AOL mail via the web instead of signing back onto AOL. And ended up customizing my page, including putting in my zodiac sign, which is Gemini. This is my horoscope:
"It might be more difficult than usual for you to fit into the status quo.
Even the most eccentric of you Geminis have a natural gift of gab, allowing you
to talk your way into and out of tight situations." (ha, right, NOT. Well, maybe
sometimes) "Now, it seems, you can find your way in, but getting out is more
complicated. Contrary to your intuition, don't explain too much. The less you
say, the better off."

Well, I'm not leaving the apartment tomorrow and I can't imagine a situation like this arising with hubby, so I should be okay. I wonder if this will spill over into the Friday workday. If so, aw crap.

Got my hair cut today, got this week's comics. The Outsiders was pushed back to next week and I was so looking forward to it. "Wizard" had a nice interview with Brad Meltzer tho, so that almost made up for my disappointment. Made a wonderful chocolate malted when I got home, updated my website, and worked a bit on my novel. And it pretty much rained all day.