Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Slow Night

Watched NCIS (very moving episode) and House (as entertaining as the first one last week), actually cooked something for dinner (okay, mac and cheese and a piece of frozen chicken, but I used the stove and oven, not the microwave, so that has to count for something), and surfed for a while on Blog Explosion (not seeing many blogs new to me, which means either I'm just not getting any luck in the queue or sign-ups have slowed down).

Didn't find any interesting quizzes to do and nothing in the links blogs caught my fancy (or my attention, but I like "fancy" better for some reason tonight), so I figured I'd just ramble on a bit here with no goal in mind. I don't have work tomorrow because I'm working on Saturday, so I've got a nice little 2-day "weekend" in the middle of the week. I also feel fat (I must've put on the 3 pounds I lost a month ago) and tired (but not sleepy because I can't seem to fall asleep for at least an hour after I go to bed these days, if then).

I need to go through all the piles of crap here: magazines and comics to read, checkbook to balance, crafts to do, a novel to write, papers to file, and some other stuff I can't find right now because other stuff's been dumped on it. I'd make a To Do list for the sidebar, but I doubt it would help motivate me. My thyroid levels checked out last month, so I'm blaming menopause, which I started a year and a half ago, more or less. And after a week of mostly clear skin, I'm breaking out again (definitely menopause — they warn you about hot flashes, which I haven't had yet, but they don't warn you about acne to make your teen years look like nothing much). And it's been raining or just plain nasty out, so I haven't been able to take pictures of the trees behind my building that finally turned red (well, the leaves did; the bark's still brown, of course).

I don't usually vent here about myself, so I figured I was due. I hope I didn't bore anyone.