Sunday, November 14, 2004

Random Thinking Department

Could it really be 40 minutes into the new day (as of when I started writing this) and I haven't posted yet? Egads! What have I been wasting my time on? Oh, yeah. Right. I found a nifty site that generates code to change the scroll bar colors, then had to spend another half hour trying to figure out where in the template it goes (before everything, it seems). But all is good and I am one happy, blogging camper.

I also finally got around to checking the "Serenity" film blog which seems to have been last updated in September (sheesh, time sure flies). The update was written by Joss Whedon and displays his usual warped sense of humor. And it looks like the Firefly movie, which wrapped filming, has a release date of 4/22/05 or thereabouts. YES!!! (Can you tell I'm jazzed?)

This almost makes up for the postponed airing of the SciFi Channel original film of "Anonymous Rex" that was originally scheduled for tonight. I was all set to watch it, but now it's scheduled for 12/4, the day and night of my nephew's bar mitzvah and party. Which means setting the tape and hoping it doesn't get screwed up. I love Eric Garcia's Vincent Rubio books. If you like hard-boiled mysteries or if you like dinosaurs, this is the series for you.