Sunday, November 14, 2004

An Interesting Meme

It's not one of the ones I do regularly, so I'm doing it here. I saw it on eleventwentyseven, a photoblog and thought it was pretty cool. The idea is to type the letters of the alphabet one at a time into your browser's URL bar and take the first thing that comes up automatically. Some of these I was on just once, but they were the last sites I was on with those letters, so they came up first. And I had to cheat a bit because for some letters, the first things coming up weren't actually sites. I tried AOL, too, for the ones I'm missing, but nothing came up. I feel as if I failed somehow. I shouldn't have missing letters. I mean, R is missing, for Pete's Sake!

A: Alternative Reality (Hey, it's my new blog! heh.)
B: BizGirl
C: Cardstacker (FAQ)
D: DC Comics Message Boards
E: eleventwentyseven
F: Fabric Origami
G: Gaping Void
H: David A. Hardy's Astro Art
I: Illustrated Librarian
J: (Jos) I Read the Comics So You Don't Have To
M: (Shoe comic)
N: New York,
O: Overshadowed
P: Pesky Apostrophe
Q: Quizilla (which wasn't responding, but that's not my fault)
R: nothing
T: Technorati
U: Unky Moods
V: VanderWorld
W: Welcome to Gmail
X: nothing
Y: nothing
Z: (zweb) A Girl Named Bob