Monday, November 01, 2004

Cyber Housekeeping

Since I now have so much crap goodies in the sidebar, I rearranged them and made new sections, then added some little photos with the headers (okay, so some of the pics aren't that small; resizing and reuploading takes time and I'm lazy). You'll also notice I found the html code for horizontal lines, which is good because I couldn't figure out why the lines before the headers (from the css styles in the template) weren't showing for all the sections. I really have only the most rudimentary knowledge of all this and what I manage to get right is by trial and error. I put a lot of hits on this blog tonight by previewing every little change or addition.

I briefly added a new cyber pet (a kitten in a basket from bunnylabs) to the sidebar, but cute as he is, he's just too wide. I wish they'd realize that not everyone has a wide sidebar. In fact, most I've seen are fairly narrow and I hate having it stretched all the time to fit the thing. And BlogPet is still gone, the site coming up with an error message. So I tried to put the little cyber kitten in this post, but the code isn't allowed here, damn it, so little "Cookie" can't be on this blog. I tried sticking him on The Malt Shop, but he was too wide and moved the sidebar down below the entries. Here, I've widened the body section, but I can't there if I want to keep the graphic at the top in the header. And he doesn't suit my other blogs. Oh well.

I also want to thank everyone who have left comments here. They're much appreciated. And to those of you who came here via Blog Explosion, Welcome! And I'm glad some of you like it here enough to visit again. I've added 4 or 5 blogs to my Bloglines subs that I found while surfing on Blog Explosion, bringing the total to 165 or so. And there are others in the sidebar here without rss feeds so I can't subscribe to them. And the ones in my LiveJournal Friends page (I have a mirror Presto Speaks! writing blog on LJ to get the Friends page feature). I might be reading or keeping up with somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 blogs now, though many are photoblogs and link blogs which don't take much time to look at or read. But still, I keep finding good blogs out there and I'm totally addicted to Blog Explosion (referring link in sidebar).

I must admit I thought the entry re: Mickey Dolenz' sweaty towel would've gotten a comment or two, but it might be a generational thing. I suspect most of you reading here are too young to have been infatuated with the Monkees, so it has little relevance or meaning to you, which is okay. I'm over 50, but I don't want my blog to feel old or middle-aged. I can't do the 20-something thing, and I refuse to put dollz or blinkies (other than something fairly innocuous like the Gemini one in the sidebar) here, but I do want to keep this place fun. I can be all adult and serious over on Occasional Blog, but this is the place for fun and games.