Monday, November 01, 2004


One of the reference desk computers is making an odd knocking sound. I've heard computers make grinding noises, but never anything like this. It sounds like an itty bitty man's inside with a itty bitty hammer. Freaky. Damn thing froze midday and needed three tries to reboot. The thing's dying and it's painful to watch.

I am now on vacation for a week. Yeeha! It was nice and light when I left for work, dark when I left to come home. I hate this. I wish we could have Daylight Savings Time all year round. And it always takes a while for me to adjust to no sunshine at 5 pm.

I found a few nice more nice blogs via Blog Explosion so I figure I should pimp them.
  • Gita Manas: Nice layout, if a bit dark and hard to read. I've got it on Bloglines, which makes it much easier to read. Well written, it gets intense at times, but I'm hooked.
  • One Whipped Mother: This has attitude from top to bottom. She grabbed me by the shirt and hasn't let go.
  • Suburban Lesbian: Another well-written blog by someone with interesting things to say.
  • Travels in Booland: Oddly enough, though I'm not much interested in Mommy or Family blogs, I've found a few I really enjoy, and this is another one.
  • Wannabemuse: Hey, she's a librarian! I have to like her blog. :) Nicely written, lovely layout/design.