Friday, November 12, 2004

Chocolicious Linkage

I haven't posted just links for a while and the surfing bloggers were busy today, so here are some cool stuff I found.

From: Librarians Index to the Internet...

Chocolate Exhibit at the Field Museum.

This is pretty cool: Fabric Origami.

Okay, the web keeps making things too easy for me. This was found on Bloggers Anonymous: Flaming Text. At this rate, I may never have to learn how to really use PhotoShop. The site takes some time and my popup popper was kept busy, but it's fun and well worth the time and effort. I'll probably redo the header I made above, but for now, that should work nicely.

From Cynical-C Blog...

Astro Art: Very nice gallery.

Tin Foil Hats: I've met a number of library patrons over the years who might have liked these. Especially the woman I met nearly 20 years ago who insisted the copier sent copies of the copies you made on it to the government.

From J-Walk Blog...

Cardstacker: Wow, I could barely get a house of cards up to the third or fourth floor. I'm seriously impressed.

Puttyworld: Art recreated in putty.