Sunday, October 17, 2004

Pimping the Blogs

I thought it was time to do some pimping of my fav journals, thanks to a discussion over on Anonymous Rowhouse. I have approximately 150 blog subs in Bloglines and another dozen perhaps on my LiveJournal's Friends page (mostly writing blogs), and another half dozen AOL blogs I didn't want to add to Bloglines because I'm still undecided about them. Among the subs are a dozen or so photoblogs and another dozen or so links journals and then there is the group of publishing/writing/book info/library-related blogs. So not counting those, here are some of my personal favs. A couple, listed in the sidebar here, don't seem to have rss feeds, which is the only reason I don't have a Bloglines sub for them.

These are ten of my favorites. Except for on (Brian Damage), all have longish entries, if not all the time, then fairly often. For everyone I left off this list, please don't hate me. I don't have room for all of you. A couple of really good blogs aren't included in this list because they don't update often enough; others were left off because the entries are mostly links. Actually, Brian Damage doesn't fit with the rest and is included simply because he never fails to make me laugh, or at least chuckle.

Some of the blogs I read were links on other blogs I read, so do take the time to check out the sidebars. A couple came from clicking Blogger's "Next Blog" button in its new navbar and I'm also reading 2 blogs now that I found surfing with BlogExplosion. At least with BlogExplosion, unlike with Blogger, you don't get blogs with annoying popups. They're not allowed if you want your blog listed. If you want a more complete list, check out Impish Delights and my LiveJournal Friends page.

Anonymous Rowhouse. JustRose discusses her life as wife and mother, but also posts memoir-type entries about her life. She's a wonderful writer and I find her prose compelling.

Brian Damage. The entries aren't long, but they are funny. The sidebar is also funny. Brian has a wonderfully wicked sense of humor that coincides nicely with mine.

Aaron is Not Amused. This was primarily a library-related blog, but since I've been reading it (since the spring), it's moved and morphed into an all-purpose blog (or perhaps I came in during a particularly library-oriented time for it). In any case, Aaron gives cranky a good name.

Bored But Busy. Another well-written slice of life with a sense of humor thrown in.

Cheaper Than Therapy. A nice blend of real-life and an eye on the absurdities of life. I like the tagline: "If everything had a point, there'd be no place to sit."

Puglet's Ponderings. A recent find and a real treasure. She can really write and she makes me laugh, though she writes serious entries about her life, too.

The Pink Bee. Aside from creating one of my favorite looking blogs, Barrie writes about her life and thoughts in a very real, honest way.

This Fish Needs a Bicycle. A fun slice of life blog by a woman with a good sense of humor and nice writing style.

Unhinged. I thought I should include an AOL blog and this is my favorite (not counting the photo ones). Andrea is an aspiring writer who writes about her life, her writing, and anything else she feels like.

Pink Lemonade Diva. Another recent find, and a well-written one.