Sunday, October 17, 2004

Nightly Musings

I'm going to refrain from really commenting on "Farscape: Peacekeepers' War" until I see part 2 tomorrow, except to say I loved it and can't wait to see the rest.

I killed off a goodly portion of the day and evening redoing Occasional Blog. And boy am I glad I saved the old template so I could copy and paste the blog rings, links, and code for images into the sidebar of the new template. I hope folks like the look and read what I have to say there, uh, occasionally.

I apparently have found a surefire way to get comments here: pimp other people's blogs. :) Seriously, I appreciate the comments and got a warm, fuzzy feeling reading them. There's no better high for a writer -- well, for this writer -- than having an audience. And while I can see the counter go up, for all I know folks are just surfing through, so it's nice to have the confirmation that there are many of you out there actually reading what I have to say.

And to make the day complete, the Jets are now 5-0! Next game, they play a good team, so we'll see if they can stay undefeated. But it sure is nice to see that number in the win column this far into the season. Yeah, they'd been that bad for quite a while.