Saturday, October 09, 2004

Oh, You Beautiful Doll

Went to Tom Bishop's New York City International miniatures show today. Bought 4 modern dolls from Katy Sue Dolls and the one below, made by Yolanda Yvette from Fantasias. I've never seen her stuff before, but the dolls are amazing. Such expressive faces. She said she makes her own molds and this one was based on one of her daughters.

She's standing in a roombox I put together. Her hair is so soft and the boa is almost as soft. The fabric of the gown is very delicate feeling. There were a couple of others I was interested in, but this one just spoke to me. She'll be a singer in the miniature pub I'm putting together. I still need barstools, tables and chairs, food and drink, something to use as a small stage, and a microphone and stand. I hope to order the rest of the furnishings from someone at the miniatures show in Philadelphia next month.

And for folks not up on dollhouse miniatures, this lovely doll is 1/12th scale, aka one inch to one foot scale, the traditional dollhouse size (there's also half-inch and quarter-inch scale, and dollhouse furnishings for one-inch-scale dollhouses would be 1/144th inch).

I bought that dog over 20 years ago. He's hand-sculpted. The armoire behind him seems to be a manufactured piece that was handpainted by a woman. The roombox has an animal spot/palm tree/camel theme to it. I just kept finding such pieces and they look so nice together, that I made a roombox for them.