Saturday, October 09, 2004

Obligatory Entry

Today was one of those days. The kind of day that just gets away from you. I know I got a lot done. I'm just not sure what it was.

I really liked "Joan of Arcadia" tonight. It got very emotional, especially the subplot focusing on Joan's paralyzed brother Kevin, played by Jason Ritter. What I most love about the show is that it never gets preachy.

I didn't watch the debates. Watched Stargate reruns instead. It's worse, for me, than watching award shows because there's actually something at stake. I hate watching and worrying that Kerry will embarrass himself and I hate listening to Bush say anything. I know David Letterman and company will find the most amusing bits to replay later, though the 11 o'clock newscast I usually watch found a few choice bits, too.

I caught up on a lot of blogs. I finished reading Dog Warrior. My review is up on Shelly's Book Shelf and at the end of the month, I'll get it on my website, too. Now I need to catch up on my comic book reading. I've got stacks of unread ones all over the den, along with magazines.

I find myself wondering just how many blogs Blogger will let me have. Less worrisome is what I'd end up doing with more. I think I should be worried about that line of thinking, but I'm not.

I've been clicking on the referring sites to my blogs, thanks to that nifty referrer log thingie I added to the sidebar. It's easy to tell when they're from the Next Blog button. Things were slow here today. Not many hits, not many referrer sites. Less than a year ago, I was blissfully unaffected by the Greater Blogosphere. Now I'm addicted to counter watching, feeling unloved if no one visits. Well, not really. But there is a pang of disappointment when the count hasn't gone up much. And yes, I keep track.