Tuesday, October 26, 2004

An Entry in Search of a Title

This is a fun link. Someone sent it to my boss. Socks.

Ten Geekiest Hobbies, found on Very Big Blog. I was relieved to have only 2 of these hobbies -- Star Trek (tho I no longer enjoy Enterprise) and Comics. I would have scored 3, but I gave up Star Wars long ago.

There was a comment on The Malt Shop re: the poor color combination of background and text. Given that the background there, and for all my blogs except this one and the ones on AOL, is white and I try to use dark or medium dark contrasting colors, I found that odd. Then again, one section of blue on my LiveJournal Presto Speaks! looks pink on one of the monitors at work, so monitor settings can make a difference. However, if folks have subs with either Bloglines or Bloglet, the entries show as a default text color, usually black or dark gray or maybe blue, against white. Only the AOL blogs show text colors against white for some reason in my Bloglines subs, which can be very weird when the original was yellow on black and I see yellow on white and then have to highlight to see the text. In any case, I find the subs make it a lot easier to read journals that are a bit too, uh, colorful for me, so that's something folks might want to consider.

And I've noticed a lot of new blogs in Blog Explosion. I saw a number of interesting ones over the weekend when I surfed that I hadn't seen before. The more people who sign up for it, the more fun it is. But I can't wait til there are enough for them to put in the block by type. I really want to block the business and political blogs.

Handled a weird phone call at the reference desk today. Someone called and said he'd gotten a letter from some place in New Jersey (My library is in New York) and he wanted me to tell him what it said. Not being the one who sent it and not having it in front of me, I couldn't tell him, of course, which seemed to confuse him. Oh, gee, I forgot to take my super vision and mindreading pills this morning. Sometimes, you just can't win. And other times, you find just what someone needs. And when they say thank you, it just makes your day. I had a couple of those today, too.