Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Blog Pet Ran Away

Yes, Cocoa is AWOL. The website where he lives seems to be down. What the hell is going on in cyberland this week? First, my webhost and now, my virtual pet. There just ain't no justice in the world. I should put up a cyber LOST poster. sigh.

Tomorrow, I'm going to start mini-classes with some of my staff who are interested in learning about blogging and their uses in libraries. Of all my staff, only one has a real inkling what blogs are -- she actually reads them, including mine. The rest are pretty much babes in the woods. It should be fun.

I was going to try to come up with something nice and pithy tonight, but I was busy surfing on Blog Explosion while watching the Cardinals drop their third straight. Argh. There were a lot of new blogs there, though, and I even put up a banner for this blog. Oh, and I made a teeny version of it as a button -- it's at the bottom of the sidebar if you want to use it to link to me. Please save it to your own computer and upload to where you store graphics and don't direct link to me. Thanks. :)