Thursday, October 28, 2004

Computer Problems

First I couldn't add an entry here. Now the only websites I can access are Google, Gmail, and Blogger. WTF is up with that? I was happily surfing along in Blog Explosion -- nevermind that the credits for the first 90 minutes didn't show up and I was seriously peeved -- but after another hour or so, my IE just went crazy on me, half frozen with a blog half loaded, half missing. AOL was working fine at that point so I signed off, rebooted, and now can't get on AOL and can't get on any site, including my own, but can get into the three afore-mentioned sites. And now I'm going to see if I can actually update here.

Kirk of my so-called strife did a couple of banners for me for Blog Explosion and I made them small for buttons which I don't have time tonight to put in the sidebar. Anyway, I think they're pretty cool looking.

MileHighDivaDimensions (in my Bloglines subs) moved to Blogdrive so I thought I'd try that out, but I can't come up with a blog name. They have a character limit and what I came up with was too long. Naming blogs is the hardest thing for me to do. I like trying out new services so I know what they're like when folks ask for recommendations. I wasn't too thrilled with Blog-City and deleted that blog, but have a DiaryLand blog out there somewhere since they didn't have a delete button. I don't know that I would publicize a Blogdrive blog, but maybe just keep it separate from my other blogs. Kinda like a secret place. But if I can't come up with a name, it may never come into existence.

Oh, and the Red Sox won and I'm out $20 (Hubby placed a bet for me in Vegas over the weekend), but I'm glad the Red Sox won. I didn't bet on them because the odds were so not in my favor to make any money. :)