Tuesday, September 14, 2004

There've Been Some Changes

As you can see, I switched the names for this and the other Cyber Chocolate on AOL. I also adjusted the main font color here which, I hope, makes it more readable against the chocolicious brown background. I figured if I was having some trouble reading my own blog, others might, too, and I wanted to keep the background color cuz it's so, well, chocolicious. Sometimes, I have to restrain myself from licking the screen.

I had to get a sympathy card today and well, I need Card Store Shoppers Anonymous. (Okay, I need that for bookstore shopping and shoe shopping and craft store shopping, too.) I ended up getting some cute Halloween cards and some generic friendship cards and 2 extra sympathy cards (I like having backup cards). These were really cute, part of Hallmark's fresh ink series, so I bought them, too.
  • "I tried a dessert called 'Death by Chocolate,' but it only made me stronger."
  • "I have to disagree with the notion that we learn something new every day. I think I've had several days in a row where I haven't learned anything and even forgotten some things."
I might add these to the template somewhere; they're just so profound.

The Presurfer, one of my favorite link blogs (Cynical-C Blog is the other -- there, Chris, now I've linked from here, too. heh), had this listed. I normally would put this on CC, Jr, but it's chocolate related so here's where it belongs: Fried Oreos recipe. There's something just so wrong with this.

The Mets might fire their manager, Art Howe, before this disaster of a season comes to a merciful close. I didn't want them to hire him in the first place, and think they should fire him now, as he requested, rather than torturing him by dragging things out. And whoever replaces him (and not for the interim) should be right for the team and given the chance to do his job, without interference. But at least I won't have to worry about the Mets being in the playoffs and having those games conflict with the new TV season. And if there's a hockey lockout -- looking more and more likely -- I won't have a conflict with that, either for a while, either.

I have the next three days off (I'm working on Saturday) and hope I get a lot done. The To Do list is a bit long:
  • Finish draft of WIP
  • Clean
  • Get hair cut
  • Take photos for latest 26 Things photo challenge
  • Go to gym twice
  • Decoupage some boxes
  • Work on website
  • Blog (like I have to list this)
  • Clean desk
  • Learn how to use PhotoShop features other than rotating, cropping, resizing, and erasing, which I already know.
We'll see by the weekend how well I did.