Monday, September 13, 2004

Some Random Thoughts

Fred Ebb who wrote the lyrics for the song "New York, New York" that Liza Minelli sang in the 1977 movie that introduced it and that Frank Sinatra made famous, died today. Since I'm a NYer, I felt this was worth noting.


The fall isn't here yet, but it's off to a good start. The Jets won (I sure hope this isn't their only win this year, but as long as QB Chad Pennington stays healthy, they have a chance.) and the new TV show "Jack and Bobby" lived up to the hype. It's GOOD. I was really surprised. And "Charmed" got off to a strong start this season, though I miss grown-up from the future "Chris." It was fun seeing a dark side to "Leo," but I worry that the character will either die or be irredeemable and have to leave the show. And since I really like Brian Krause who plays "Leo," I hope "Leo" will be around for a long time.