Thursday, September 23, 2004

Obligatory Blogging

When I started blogging, all the way back in March of this year, I realized early on that I would likely forever be behind the curve. Too many folks had been blogging for years and had built up an audience. I had a lot of competition and doubted I'd ever catch up. I'm not that good with uphill climbing.

I also quickly realized, that there will be things that come along that everyone will blog about, or it will at least seem that way, for such is the nature of the greater blogsphere. People will blog about current events. They'll blog about the hot new book by Ms. Hot New Author or the hot new book by Mr. Perennial Bestselling Author. Unless I have a new spin on the thing, why bother. And yet, some things are just too good to pass up the opportunity to mention or talk about.

One such item is the flap over Anne Rice and a review she didn't like on Amazon. I blogged about it on Presto Speaks! There have been other such bits and there will undoubtedly be more. For example, I resisted doing the 100 Things that obviously got started before I began blogging, but I've gotten curious to see if I can come up with 100 things about myself that I would be comfortable posting online. So you can look forward to that in the future. At least, I hope you'll be looking forward to it.

So anyway, every once in a while, I get a thrill to find that I've known about something apparently before other folks have. For instance, Mr. Picassohead. I found the link somewhere a few months ago, and just today, I saw links to it on two different places. I'm feeling a bit smug about my superior knowledge.

Four Eyes

Random Acts of Linkage:

Tampon Bowling: It's an odd comfort to know I suck as much at a virtual version of bowling as I do with the real life one. The tampons make cute pins, though.
Found on La Di Da blog.

I took another quiz with results that proved too wide for here, so to find out what my social entity is, check here on Cyber Chocolate, Jr.

And a self-serving link. Through the Lens, my AOL blog for photo memes, was named an Editor's Pick for AOL Journals. It came in at number 4. I'm jazzed because it means more people will look at my photos. And it will mean folks will then go to my main photoblog on AOL to sample my photos there: Creative Endeavors.