Thursday, September 23, 2004

100 Things About Me

  1. I was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1953.
  2. I'm 5' 2 3/4" tall (or short, depending on your perspective)
  3. I'm a night person. I hate going to bed at night and I hate getting up in the morning.
  4. We got our first TV when I was 5 and I became a lifelong TV fan.
  5. I started reading comic books when I was 7.
  6. I like to draw.
  7. I'm married, no kids.
  8. I must have always wanted to be a librarian, even though I thought I wanted to be a teacher or an artist, because when I was a kid, I used to put due date cards in the books I lent to friends.
  9. I'm a big science fiction fan.
  10. I love chocolate (now, there's a newsflash).
  11. I cry easily when I read or see happy or sad books or TV shows or movies.
  12. I have a sister who is 3 years younger than me.
  13. I love Chinese food, especially cashew chicken.
  14. The only foods I can cook with any skill are omelettes, pasta and meat sauce, and anything with Rice-a-Roni.
  15. The only food I can bake with any skill is chocolate chip cookies, from scratch. Yum.
  16. I majored in psychology in college and minored in philosophy.
  17. I worked for a year as a receptionist/typist at a magazine.
  18. I'm a registered Democrat.
  19. I hate the smell of fish. I don't like eating it, either.
  20. I'm a space buff.
  21. I've been a public librarian since 1981.
  22. When I retire, I plan to write and, I hope, work part-time in a bookstore.
  23. I'm a Gemini.
  24. My birthstone is emerald.
  25. My favorite color is blue.
  26. My second favorite color is black.
  27. I'm opinionated.
  28. I can be very stubborn.
  29. I've gotten addicted to blogging.
  30. My hair is dark brown with some white.
  31. My eyes are dark brown.
  32. I've worn glasses since I was three.
  33. I buy a lot of shoes.
  34. I collect things: books, comic books, postcards, business cards, knickknacks.
  35. I decoupage boxes and other wood objects.
  36. My favorite article of clothing is a comfortable pair of blue jeans.
  37. My favorite seasons are spring and fall.
  38. I enjoy photography.
  39. Hubby and I honeymooned in Hawaii and went back for our tenth anniversary.
  40. I married my hubby in 1985.
  41. I make yummy chocolate malteds.
  42. I hate to clean.
  43. I can't sew.
  44. I'm a clutz.
  45. I don't drive.
  46. I don't have full depth perception.
  47. I can't swim.
  48. I can float on my back.
  49. My least favorite job was typing bills at a typography company in the mid-'70s.
  50. I completed half a masters in psych before quitting and switching to library science.
  51. I love steak and potatoes.
  52. It took a lot of years, but I learned to love broccoli.
  53. I don't wear makeup.
  54. I like rings and have way too many of them.
  55. I'm very organized.
  56. I rarely use my cell phone and almost never have it on.
  57. My favorite music is rock 'n' roll from 1957 to 1968.
  58. I also like newer rock and folk music.
  59. I'm a fan of novelty songs and filk (a form of folk, usually new lyrics for known or older tunes).
  60. I've never downloaded music from the internet (I know, shocking)
  61. I'm honest.
  62. I'm a loyal friend.
  63. I don't make friends easily because I'm fussy about who I'm friends with.
  64. I love baseball.
  65. My second favorite sport to watch is hockey.
  66. My favorite teams are the NY Mets (baseball) and the NY Islanders (hockey).
  67. I hate frilly, feminine things.
  68. I hate pink.
  69. I try to go to the gym once a week and work out on the treadmill.
  70. I enjoy walking.
  71. I love shopping.
  72. I didn't date much before I met my husband.
  73. I hate eating outdoors.
  74. I collect dollhouse miniatures and have two dollhouses and a bunch of roomboxes.
  75. I'm forgetful and easily confused. (Have I repeated any of these yet? heh)
  76. I studied Fortran in college and (gasp) learned how to punch cards.
  77. I hate insects.
  78. I'm not fond of reptiles, either.
  79. I have a great fondness for cetaceans (that's dolphins, porpoises, and whales).
  80. I like wolves and big cats, too.
  81. I'd be hardpressed to choose between a dog or a cat for a pet.
  82. The only pet I ever had was a parakeet when I was a kid.
  83. I'm allergic to floral scents.
  84. I read (magazines, mostly) in the bathroom.
  85. I rarely shop online.
  86. I love the Marx Brothers.
  87. I was very shy when I was a kid (probably because the other kids called me "Four Eyes").
  88. I still feel out of place in new social situations.
  89. I grew up in a house and now live in an apartment, and I prefer houses.
  90. I think pizza is a perfect food.
  91. I've felt a bit anxious every day since 9/11/01.
  92. I've never smoked (anything), and I rarely drink (and then, usually just beer, maybe once a year).
  93. My life is pretty boring, but I like it.
  94. One of my grandfathers was a butcher and the other was a baker. No candlestick maker in the family, though.
  95. I have a lazy streak and I've been known to procrastinate, or as it's called in science fiction writing circles, cat vacuuming. But once I start something, I have to finish it.
  96. I can be sarcastic.
  97. I'm a realist, with a cynical streak who still likes to give people the benefit of the doubt -- once.
  98. When I was a kid, I'd read comics in bed, under the blanket, by the light of my luminous alarm clock which was given to me by my paternal grandfather.
  99. I love milk and cheese. I especially love milk and Oreos.
  100. I'm surprised thinking up so many things about myself was harder than I'd thought and I still feel as if I've missed mentioning things. After I'm in bed, they'll come to me and then I'll want to start a second hundred.