Friday, September 15, 2017

Because I Needed Something to Post

A questionnaire. Found it on Facebook.

1. Where is your mobile phone? On a table.
2. Your hair? On my head. ;) It's really dark brown, with silvery white.
3. Your dad? In his house. This is an odd question. Just asking about my father? Not my mother? I wonder if it's supposed to be something else, if it's a typo or something.
4. Your favorite food? Chocolate, duh.
5. Favorite color? Blue, black
6. Favorite drink? Chocolate malted
7. Fears? Creepy crawlies, being incapacitated
8. Favorite shoes? None at the moment. I used to love my Havana Joes, but they got too tight. I'm really excited about the pair of Panama Jack shoes I got from a store in the UK that sells online. Panama Jack is the name of the shoe company, based in Spain. I don't know why the shoes were called Panama Joe when they were sold in the US.
9. Favorite way to relax? Reading, watching TV, playing online
10. Your mood? End of summer blahs as the days grow shorter
11. Favorite Place? I just love walking around NYC
12.Where were you last night? Home, watching the Mets lose to the Cubs
13. Something that you aren't? Wealthy
14. Muffins? Chocolate, thanks
15. Vacation spot? San Francisco, Hawaii
16. Where you grew up? NYC
17. Last thing you did? Ate breakfast, found this meme, then pasted the questions into this post.
18. What are you wearing now? Clothes. Specifically, a tee-shirt and sweatpants
19. Your TV? Uh, the brand is Samsung, if that's what's being asked.
20. Life? Yes, thanks. I like being alive. (Some of the questions here are really weird.)
21. Your pets? None
22. Regrets? I've had a few, too few to mention. Well, more than a few, but life's like that. Still not worth mentioning. They're personal.
23. Missing someone? My mother, always
24. Occupation? Librarian, retired
25. Dreams for the future? Staying alive.

And, as a reward for reading this, or for skipping down to the end, here's a link to an article about Ruby Chocolate.