Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Morning Links

So much fun on the internet lately! Here are some things I liked.

This adorable Corgi cosplays as all the Doctors from Doctor Who.

I've been enjoying the baseball playoffs and am ecstatic that my beloved Mets are in the World Series. Here's a video from the time the 1969 Mets were on the Ed Sullivan Show.

A congressman bet on the Dodgers to beat the Mets and he lost.

Here's one reason why Jacob deGrom is one of my favorite Mets.

Some of the current Mets appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jimmy Kimmel also presented a sequel to "Do the Right Thing."

"Iconic Movie Scenes Recreated with Balloons" is just the coolest thing.

John Oliver created this quote generator to make a point about how untrustworthy quotes are in internet memes.

Some political brilliance, in song, from Stephen Colbert.

Peter Noone recorded a song to honor John Lennon.

A wonderful collection of paper airplanes.