Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tale of Two Cookies

Today was a chocolate chip cookie day.

It started when I was walking around taking photos and got hungry. The First Street Garden in Manhattan's East Village has a MUD kiosk, so I bought a large chocolate chip cookie. Regrettably, I ate it before I thought to take a photo of it. It was a mix of crunchy and chewy, with delicious, melted chocolate chips, the melting of which might be due to the temperature hitting the 70s F.

Sign on MUD Kiosk: "Don't Worry Everything is Going to Be Amazing"

I continued walking and happened upon a small bakery called Sweet Generation where I bought a large chocolate chip cookie. This one was paler, and not as sweet, which leads me to think they don't use dark brown sugar. The cookie was crunchier than MUD's, though the center was somewhat gooey. It was tasty yet very different than MUD's. The story of the bake shop is a fascinating one, too, growing out of the owners involvement with arts education.

Chocolate Chip Cookie from Sweet Generation

I'm constantly amazed at how different two cookies of the same type can be. Chocolate chip cookies are so basic, yet the recipes, and therefore, taste, vary greatly.


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