Saturday, January 17, 2015

Three Observations

I went to the movies and finally saw "The Imitation Game." Just brilliant, and so sad. Every time I think about Alan Turing, I get angry and sad about how he was treated because of his homosexuality, and his suicide, but I also am angry and saddened to think of all the decades the world was deprived of his genius. I'm typing this on a personal computer and that's because of him probably more than anyone. And my curiosity about the rest of the codebreaking team led me to this article.

Before the movie, though, I saw a preview for a new movie starring Sean Bean: "Jupiter Ascending." And I couldn't help wondering if his character dies and how soon into the movie it happens. I don't know if he's the record holder for most movie and TV deaths, but he must be right up there.

While reading articles shared on Facebook yesterday, articles I'd first seen a week ago, I realized Facebook and the rest of social media is a weird time machine where it constantly feels as if you've gone back a week or a month or even a year or more as things keep cycling through as other people discover them. I wonder sometimes, if the same people keep posting and reposting the same things because they forgot they posted or shared them before, or are they really first discovering something days, weeks, even months after everyone else. Facebook is a place where you get stuck in a weird time loop.


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