Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snowmageddon that Wasn't

So, it snowed. Not as much in NYC as predicted, but a lot, none the less. I do not understand how people panic and buy out grocery stores. In a place where you have to drive to the store, yeah, because driving would be dangerous, but in NYC when you can walk to a store? Also, do people really never have enough food to survive a day or two, tops? Because it doesn't take long here to get roads cleared and stores open. Ah well. We endure. Til next time.

Meanwhile, here are some tasty linkages.

Women fight back against street harassment in the best way possible in Lima, Peru.

I love these artistic signatures designed by Patrik Svensson. His Instagram account is here.

I love how someone took matters into their own hands to protest Islamophobic ads in San Francisco.

A nifty way for sighted people to help the blind.

I saw "The Imitation Game," which inspired me to read more about the real Bletchley Park codebreakers.

Some useful ways to find info when Google isn't enough.