Monday, October 20, 2014

Things of Note

I'm going to start with something serious. John Oliver, on Last Week Tonight, reported on the plight of translators in Iraq and Afghanistan who aided the American forces and contractors and now are in danger of losing their lives, as well as having their families in danger from the Taliban. Whatever your opinion of our involvement in that region, these people risked their lives for us and they should not be abandoned to a deadly fate.

Last Week Tonight also found a way to make Supreme Court proceedings more entertaining.

Moving on....

Still having computer problems. Still need to buy a replacement. So far, I can still get online with this one.

I've also been spending lots of time taking photos. A friend and I took a wonderful ferry ride from Rockaway, Queens to Lower Manhattan. The ferry was a subsidized service to provide transportation for people living in on the Rockaway peninsula after Superstorm Sandy wiped out the subway line there. The subway was restored a year ago, and the ferry will stop running at the end of October, but the ferry ride offers an amazing view of the southern shoreline of a bit of Queens and of Brooklyn. So my friend and I had to take the ferry before it stopped running. You can see the photos in my flickr set. Included is a nice view of the rides at Coney Island.

I've been seeing movies, though not on my planned weekly schedule. The weather has been mostly too nice for that. But I did see "The Judge" and highly recommend it. It's worth seeing just for Robert Downey, Jr. and Robert Duvall going head to head as a son and father. But in all fairness, I will say that the reviews have been mixed.

No new chocolate to report on, but I have been enjoying my old favorites.