Monday, October 27, 2014


Computer problems continue. But since my PC decided yes, it does have a hard drive, after 20 or so attempts to boot it, I'm taking advantage of a brief posting window.

Bryant Park's holiday market is now open, and it being a lovely day, I checked out all the kiosks set up and found a few chocolate ones. First up, Woops! Macarons and Cookies. I tried a Cookies & Cream and a Dark Chocolate. I brought them home and they got a bit squished in my bag, so, no photos of the individual macarons. The Cookies & Cream was tasty, but the Dark Chocolate was even better. I thought the cookie part was a bit too dry and crumbly, but overall, these are tasty treats.

Woops! Food Stall

Selection of Macarons
I'll have another chocolicious post as soon as my computer lets me, or I get a new PC, whichever comes first.