Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Something Salty

One of my favorite chocolate snacks when I was a kid was Hershey's Krackel miniatures, along with the Semi-Sweet Miniatures. Nowadays, I don't particularly like milk chocolate, but I do miss that crunch in my chocolate. However, I don't like nuts. So, this bar of this all-natural Salted Chocolate Crunch, with breadcrumbs and dark chocolate from Chuao Chocolate is the perfect solution. It is a bit salty for my taste, but the chocolate flavor is good and the crunchy bits are satisfying. I would like to find a nice dark chocolate/crunchy rice combo bar, though. And unfortunately, while Chuao has some amazing flavors, the ones I'd love to try are with milk, not dark, chocolate, such as the popcorn chocolate bar, the s'mores bar, and the maple bacon bar. Lucky you, milk chocolate lovers. The dark chocolate bars are either spiced or nutty, other than the one I just tried. *sigh*

Chuao Chocolate Bar