Thursday, May 15, 2014

Season Finales

It's been a wretched allergy week so far, which wasn't helped by my taking photos in Central Park yesterday. Got great photos, but my nose and eyes may never forgive me.

It's also the time of year when the major network shows end for the season. Here are my favorites of the finales.

NCIS: Touching tribute to Ralph Waite. I got choked up, shed a few tears. Neat plot twist, too, re: the case at hand.
NCIS LA: Good episode, with a good cliffhanger. Characters left in danger, threat to the country, but no trauma for sheer shock value. The way cliffhangers should be done.
Person of Interest: Wow. Talk about a game changer. They accomplished that with room to spare. Next season should be amazing and I have no idea how they'll play it out. Lots to think about, too, re: surveillance of citizens.

Arrow: As they did last year, the Arrow folks pulled off the season's best finale of the ones I've seen so far. First, the main storyline was brought to an end with enough new plot threads started or extended, including a surprise or two, to make me eager for the third season to start. As for guest cast, it wasn't a matter of which characters returned but if any didn't. They packed a lot of characters and action, in two time periods, into one knock 'em dead episode. Kudos all around.

Marvel Agents of SHIELD: It was really good, hit all the right notes. Not really a game changer because the game changing comes from the movie-verse, but it all fits together nicely.

Nice resolution, of sorts, for Deathlok.

Lots more of Nick Fury than I'd expected. I was thinking cameo at the end, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much Fury got to add to the show.

Coulson seeing Fury for first time was priceless. So was their conversation after. The requisite shouting from Coulson, but the look on his face when he realizes how much Fury thinks of him was wonderful. I actually teared up.

May's battle with Ward was full on badassery. Loved it.

Skye held her own and was nicely smug about it. She has grown a lot over the series, which makes me happy. She has lots of potential.

Nice Fitz and Simmons interaction.

Multiple endings! The bit with Garrett at the end was priceless, in keeping with moments from the movies, a bit of uh-oh followed by a snort of laughter. Then the mysterious bit re: Skye. And finally, what the heck is really going on with Coulson?!

So, a nice finale that had a lot of the elements that make the movies so wonderful.

And some TV and movie-related links to round things out.

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