Monday, December 23, 2013


Liddabit Sweets is a Brooklyn-based candy company that specializes in handmade chocolate and confections.

I picked up a cookie 2-pack from The Good Batch at one of NYC's pop-up holiday markets in the park, in this case, the Union Square Park Holiday Market. The cookies in question are the Chocolate Royale. The Good Batch is a Brooklyn-based bakery. I'll admit that I had them a few days before trying them -- I had other chocolate to eat first! -- but upon taste testing, they still were amazing. I don't know if the consistency is the same it would be when they're fresh, but they seemed to have the consistency of dried cake or a brownie, while not feeling stale. They were very chocolatey, most decadent as the label promises.

The Good Batch Cookies

Chocolate Royale Cookies Label: "A Decadent Dark Chocolate Cookie Loaded with Fine Belgian Chocolate Chunks and Topped with Crunchy Sugar for Serious Chocolate Lovers Only

Two Chocolate Royale Cookies from The Good Batch