Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another Links and Things Post

This stop motion video is amazing: Tissue Animals. Link found on Bill Crider's blog.

I got to go to the annual Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden on Friday, with a friend, and took a lot of photos! I've been wanting to go for years, so I was glad to finally get the chance. You can see the pics and a couple of short videos on my flickr stream.

Miss Cellania brings to our attention: Sesame Street's Hunger Games: Catching Fur.

A lot of my friends are big fans of actor Tom Hiddleston. If you are, too, you can listen to him read poems. You're welcome.

This weekend is the big 59th Anniversary celebration of Doctor Who. Here's BBC America's programming schedule.

A blast from the past: Google BBS Tunnel. And it works!