Thursday, August 08, 2013

Trip to the Candy Store

It was a fluke, a bit of serendipity. I was walking down Broadway from Forbidden Planet, where I'd picked up my weekly fix of comic books, and instead of going to my usual subway stop for the trip home, continued on to the next one, and stumbled across IT'SUGAR, which opened a mere couple of months ago, as I learned. They have the usual old-style candy fare and some newer candies, plus gift items. They also had the bubblegum-flavored Peeps I'd been meaning to try.

Peeps, Gum, and Chocolate
The Peeps were fresh, and I could taste a vague bubblegum flavor, but they weren't nearly as tasty as regular Peeps. I haven't tried the Gold Mine gum nuggets yet. I think I had them when I was a kid as they seem familiar.
Chocolate Bar
Most of the chocolate bars were milk chocolate, also with cute sayings on them. This was the only dark chocolate bar I saw ("One Chocolate Bar is Half the Calories of Two Chocolate Bars"), and it's pretty good, but rather sweet for dark chocolate. I don't see the cacao percentage noted anywhere, but it can't be very high.