Monday, August 12, 2013

S'Mores for Halloween

I need to try these S'mores Candy Corn from Brach's. As soon as I can find them.

I also need to redo this template. I suspect I'll be jettisoning a lot of the sidebar stuff. I hope that will get rid of the weird cgi download thing. I figure most folks read via a feed reader these days, anyway, and come to the actual blog to comment only. Since commenting has been down, that won't be a lot of people.

Edited to add: Never mind! I found it. I deleted one gadget at a time (well, I cut the script and saved to the clipboard), tried the blog, still had the problem, put back the gadget info, and so on til I got to the bottom and discovered an empty gadget. I used to have a surrealism generator at the bottom. Just fun nonsense, and I hadn't even noticed it was gone. Actually, I'd forgotten all about it. But I removed it, so all is well once more. I still might remove a few things from the left sidebar because it is rather long. Whew. What a relief!