Monday, August 13, 2012

With a Bit of Raspberry

Hubby does the food shopping and he was getting the needed packs of Dark Chocolate M&Ms and saw there was a promo. Knowing my tastes run to dark over light chocolate and that I don't like nuts, he selected the Dark Chocolate Raspberry M&Ms promotion item. I have now tasted them.

The raspberry flavor is, according to the package, artificial. Yeah, I'd pretty much figured it would be. But the taste is rather good. These fat Ms are the usual candy coated chocolate, only the chocolate is infused with the raspberry flavor. Most fruit flavors I've tasted with chocolate work well, and though peach and apricot are my favorites, raspberry is among the more popular choices and goes great with chocolate. There are 3 colors/3 sizes in the pack: pink, reddish, and darker reddish. The raspberry flavoring comes through without being overwhelming. Well done, M&Ms folks!

Chocolate Taste Testing Party

Inside the Raspberry M&Ms
The blue and green ones in the second photo are the regular dark chocolate Ms.

Feeling: chocolated