Monday, August 06, 2012

Make it Mars!

I'm not sure I ever mentioned it here, but I'm a Mars Lover. I've been a space buff since Alan Shepard's first historic flight for the US, sat enthralled during the moon landing in '69, and have thrilled to the adventures of the little rovers on Mars.

My love affair with Mars started when I started writing a novel (as yet unpublished) set on Mars and started reading up on the Red Planet. A friend got me topographical maps and a Mars globe! I've read a dozen novels set on Mars and some non-fiction, too, and read what I can online. So, it was a thrill to watch the landing last night -- at 1:30ish in the freaking a.m. EDT and then stayed up for the 2:15 a.m. press briefing that ended an hour or so later, something I never could've done if I hadn't retired. And if the internet hadn't been able to bring me live streaming.

I took some tribute photos. The first is from way too early this morning before I went to bed and the rest were taken just a short while ago. I hope you enjoy them!

One small step for duckie...

The Chicken Has Landed!

The TARDIS Comes in for a Landing

Forget Water! There's Chocolate on Mars!

Feeling: elated