Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Together

Last night was concert night. Hubby and I went to see the Happy Together concert at whatever they're currently calling the theater at Westbury. This year's lineup: The Buckinghams, The Grass Roots, Gary Puckett, Mickey Dolenz, and The Turtles.

The Buckinghams were fun as usual, their singing in fine form. The Grass Roots were fine, but really, not the same since Rob Grill's death last year. The new lead singer, who also filled in for Grill last time we saw the group while Grill was ailing, is Mark Dawson. While Dawson is a good singer and does a good job with the songs, including, it seems, using the old arrangements, he doesn't put his heart into the lyrics the way Grill did. Grill's voice might not have been what it once was, but he put his heart and soul into the music. Dawson is just energetically singing songs. And I was annoyed that no tribute was made to Rob Grill.

Gary Puckett was quite energetic, himself, but his voice, alas, has long since seen better days. Micky Dolenz was his usual wonderful self, and he did two songs the late Davy Jones was known for, dedicating them to Davy's memory.

The Turtles

Finally, The Turtles. They were, well, the Turtles. What more can you say about a duo that came out wearing meat-patterned capes and Lady Gaga wigs? If you haven't seen these guys on stage, you're really missing something special. They're funny and fun and their songs are pretty darned good, too. I don't much have favorites, at least, not one or two favorites. I tend to have lots of favorites, like my favorite 50 songs. But one album I played probably more than most others when I was growing up was The Turtles Battle of the Bands album. Good stuff.

Happy Together Concert

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