Friday, September 30, 2011

The Great UPS Connumdrum

This is just one of the many unimportant things that perplex me. If anyone can shed light on it, feel free to try. :)

I ordered something on a site where I often buy things. Okay, dolls and doll clothes. I had another item on pre-ordered, already paid for. The pre-order item came in the day after my second order. Both were shipped, in separate packages, the same day -- Wednesday -- via UPS. They traveled together to their first two stops in the UPS network of headquarters. Then, they took divergent paths. The first item went on to the UPS center that sends out the trucks to deliver to my home. The second, the pre-ordered item, was sent on to a third location and then had to be trucked, overnight, to my UPS delivery center location. Both are now on trucks to be delivered to me this evening. The question I've been pondering since I checked the tracking info last night is why-oh-why did the pre-ordered item take a detour? Did the doll have the urge to see more of New Jersey before coming to her home in NYC? If so, why? Yeah, NJ is the Garden State, but that's hardly a good reason to take a side trip. At least she'll be well-traveled, but I would've thought she could've gone somewhere more interesting. ;)

Feeling: perplexed