Sunday, March 27, 2011

American Pie Night

No actual pie, but definitely the song. Hubby and I saw Don McLean in concert at Town Hall last night.
Don McLean at Town Hall, NYC

He was in fine form, as always. We've seen him in concert a few times now. He did some old favorites and a lot of other songs and he can cover Roy Orbison as well as anyone. Photography is allowed, which is cool, but not for his opening act and they do keep an eye out for cameras there, so no pics of the delightful Dar Williams.

BTW, are you aware the song "Killing Me Softly," the huge hit as recorded by Aretha Franklin, was written about Don McLean? Here's the story.

And, just for fun, this sign tickled me. And no, I didn't have time to stop for some. :(

Who Doesn't Deserve a Cupcake?

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