Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Barely Two Brain Cells to Rub Together

I've been marathon watching dvds. Have watched series 1 and 2 of Doctor Who (the rebooted series from 1995, I think it was), Torchwood series 1, and am now about to start Doctor Who series 3. And then there are the current tv shows to watch in between. Everything else is piling up, but I've gotten some of my holiday cards out. Work has been... well, work. 'nuff said.

But I love the Doctor (I've already seen the Matt Smith series 5 shows) and I love love love Capt. Jack Harkness, one of tv's all-time best characters. What makes me like him more than the Doctor, who I do adore, is that he's human. A human who can't die, but still, human. Which makes the sadness and darkness in his life, the tough decisions he's had to make, more poignant. I resisted watching Doctor Who for years -- decades -- but I'm very glad I decided to get the dvds. Awesome shows. Both of them. And not cheesy as I'd feared. The originals might be, though. But then again, the original Star Trek had laughable effects even then.

On a more personal front, I'm getting new glasses, my first prescription change -- just a bit -- in more than 15 years. I hope I adjust to them quickly.

And it's been f'in cold here this week. Windy, too. But at least, no more than snow flurries when it comes to the white stuff.

Not much of a post, but Doctor Who is waiting! :)

Feeling: drained