Thursday, November 04, 2010

Trimming the Blog Links and Adding Some Chocolate

In anticipation of Blogline's demise (extended from the 10/31 deadline), I've redone the blogroll here. I'd previously had trouble using Google Reader with the Blogger Blog Roll gadget, so I decided to manually enter the urls into the gadget, which gave me the opportunity to pick and choose and keep things neat here. I read many more blogs than are listed in the sidebar. I didn't include the book blogs (you can find those on Shelly's Book Shelf, which I'll also be cleaning up), for ex. I mostly wanted to include the blogs that are chocolate and/or food-related, or general in nature. So, I'm reading more blogs than appear in the sidebar.

Also, now that I'm reading feeds with Google Reader, I'm able to see the Blogger Blogs I Follow there, as well, and don't have to access them via the Blogger Dashboard. I'd been reading those on Bloglines, so I dropped the subs for them because I was getting the entries twice. So, some of you who I read who read Cyber Chocolate, you might notice you lost a reader. But you really didn't!

Have I confused anyone yet? ;)

I also unsubscribed from blogs not updated in the last year, and at least one with no updates since the spring. And I dropped another because I'm no longer interested in it. There are a few I'd like to include, but the bloggers haven't updated in months, so I'm still subscribed and will add them here if posts start appearing regularly again.

I did discover a few blogs had ceased to exist and I hadn't noticed! Oops.

I don't expect all this will appreciably decrease what I have to read, but it should make things a bit neater and my blog reading experience more efficient.

One interesting thing about this process is that I realized I've been reading some blogs since I discovered blogging, over 6 years ago! I'm happy they're still blogging (and some date back to our mutual AOL days!) and I'm happy I'm still blogging and reading blogs, too. Other favorite blogs are long gone, and I miss them, though a few of those bloggers became friends and we stay in touch on Facebook.

Finally, here's pics of Ethel's chocolate, as promised. The mug says Ethel M. The chocolate says Ethel's. Go figure.

Feeling: accomplished